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Kumpulan Soal Buku Ajar Pluspunkt Deutsch sebagai Latihan Tambahan Keterampilan Membaca Bahasa Jerman untuk SMA Kelas XI Semester II

In learning a foreign language, the skills of reading is a skill that must be mastered by students. Learner is expected to understand the different types of readings and a series of text that they meet. One of the means of learning German is a textbook. The textbook plays a great role for teachers as well as for learners. For this reason, an analysis is needed in the German language book, namely Pluspunkt Deutsch. In this textbook there are many exercises that increase the learning process. According to Hans – Jürgen Krumm (in Kast and Neuner), exercise is an aspect that can be analyzed by the textbook. The title of this research is "The collection of the tasks of the textbook Pluspunkt Deutsch as additional exercises of the German reading skills for SMA class XI second semesters".                  The problem of this research is "conformity the exercises in Pluspunkt Deutsch with the subject, curriculum contents in 2013 (revised), vocabulary, as well as the form and purpose of the reading skills, which can be applied to class IX second semesters as additional exercises German reading skills". This research uses the revised 2013 curriculum as a reference, which develops the indicators, the theory of the exercise type of Albers and Bolton as well as the purpose of Bolton. These aspects work for the analysis of the reading exercises in research data.                 The results show that there are 3 lessons with the theme of Alltagsleben, with 11 reading exercises. After analyzing compliance with aspects such as topic, curriculum contents, vocabulary, reading exercise type, and purpose of reading, these research results will yield 9 exercises for reading skills. While 2 other exercises do not meet the aspects of the topic of learning. Keywords: Textbook, additional exercises, reading skills
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Latihan Soal Possessivpronomen Siswa Jerman Siswa Kelas XI SMA Negeri 1 Taman dari Lks Meine Familie

German is the subject to develop oral and written skills. to understand and express information, thoughts, feelings, and developing science and culture. Therefore, it needs the capable of implementing a standard of competence and basic competencies in the curriculum German Language. One of them is by the book. LKS (Student Worksheet) is a book that contains knowledge derived from the basic competencies set out in the curriculum, where it is used by students to learn. But unfortunately not all of Student Worksheet can be applied in all schools, considering the applying curriculum  in every school is different.   Formulation of the problem in this research is how the results or the outcome of learning german in class XI student of SMAN 1 Taman by using worksheets Meine Familie compiled by Vani Valeriani mukin in 2016. This study aimed to describe the results studied German class XI student of SMAN 1 Garden with using Student Worksheet Meine Familie compiled by Vani Valeriani mukin in 2016.   This study is a qualitative research with descriptive approach. In practice there are three stages of the procedure performed, namely: planning, implementation on the ground, and data processing. The data used are student learning outcomes. Data obtained using a test instrument that is done twice (before and after using LKS Meine Familie) and supported by data from student questionnaires.   Results showed that changes in the number of average value towards a better grade from the initial tests with the average value of 70.6667 classes (not yet reached the standart, ie 75) increases in final test with an average value of 82 , 1333 (has reached the standard of note that student must get). Then the student questionnaire results show the results with the criteria of "very effective". Based on these data it can be concluded that the outcomes studied German class XI student of SMAN 1 Taman got a change towards the better after using the LKS Meine Familie as a learning medium. Keywords: Learning Outcomes, LKS (Student Worksheet), Class XI
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Penyusunan Lks Kehidupan Keluarga Keterampilan Membaca dan Menulis Sma/ma Kelas XI Semester 1

The objective of this research is to create better students’ worksheets (LKS) that be able to be used on theme of family life for reading and writing skills in SMA/MA Eleventh Grades in the semester one. This research has done by the data collection in the field  that shows the process of studying German, especially on theme of family life in the MAN Bangkalan has not been used studenta’ worksheets (LKS) that is developed. Therefore, German teachers give advises to create development students’ worksheets (LKS) that be able to be enrichment for students or to be used  as the material of teaching learning process in the school. The research question of this study is how does create students’ worksheets (LKS) that be able to be in theme of family life to SMA/MA Eleventh grades in semester one.              The research design of this study use qualitative research design. This study bases on the steps to arrange students’ worksheets (LKS) by Diknas and  pays attention on the criterias to create students’ worksheets (LKS) by Badan Standar Nasional Pendidikan (BSNP) and the criteria to create appropriate students’ worksheets (LKS) by Darmojo and Kaligis. This students’ worksheets (LKS) has been validated by three expert of teaching material and the result of the validation is counted by using formula to know the percentage of students’ worksheets (LKS) validity. The result of the percetages is interpreted by score criteria interpretation by Riduwan.                This students’ worksheets (LKS) has construct validity in the 78,51% and content validity in the 72%. According to score criteria interpretation on the construct and content validity, This students’ worksheets (LKS) is valid to be used in school by paying attention on the validity points of students’ worksheets (LKS) that is still in the low level. Key words: students’ worksheets (LKS) arrangement, reading and writing skills
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