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Children's Foreign Language Anxiety Scale: Preliminary Tests of Reliability and Validity

Foreign language anxiety (FLA), which constitutes a serious problem in the foreign language learning process, has been mainly seen as a research issue regarding adult language learners, while it has been overlooked in children. This is because there is a lack of appropriate tools to measure FLA among children, whereas there are many studies on the scales that aim to measure anxiety levels among adult learners. Thus, the current study aims to conduct the preliminary tests of reliability and validity of the Children's Foreign Language Anxiety Scale (CFLAS) and to report on the pilot examination of reliability, validity and factor structure of the CFLAS. The findings of the pilot study show that CFLAS is a reliable and valid tool to measure FLA levels among children who learn English as a foreign language (EFL) within the age range of 7-12 in a Turkish EFL context.
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Turkish EFL Teachers' and Administrators' Perceptions of Short Teacher Training Courses: the Case of CELTA

The purpose of this study was to investigate the applicability of Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) in the Turkish context and the necessity for Turkish teachers to obtain it. For this qualitative study, the data was collected by means of three tools: A CELTA survey, semi-structured interviews with teachers and the administrators and classroom observations in order to validate the data. The findings suggest that teachers are glad to take it; they admit that it contributed to them in many ways. However, they agree that it is nearly impossible to apply all the CELTA techniques in their classrooms. From the employers' perspectives, it can be inferred that CELTA is an efficient tool for professional development,but it is not must.
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How Ready Are Your Students for Autonomous Language Learning?

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Book Review: English Language Learning and Technology

This book is a very helpful book which gives us information and knowledge of using technology in language learning and teaching. It contains detailed consideration to articulatory and auditory Language learning as well as to the practicalities of English language learning. The book discusses the relationship between English language learning and technology.
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Dear Colleagues;

The first issue of Turkish Online Journal of English Language Teaching (TOJELT) is online now with a rich academic content. In this first issue, 4 articles and a book review have been published with the meticulous collaboration of TOJELT's team. These are; Cho and Krashen's invited article on reading skill, Takkaç Tulgar's article on the use of pragmatic competence in language classrooms, Bambirra's article on a motivational attractor basin and Pacheco Salazar's assessment of blended learning in university level students, and a book review of Shojaei and Motallebzadeh about the relationship between teaching English and the use of technology.TOJELT is a double blind peer-reviewed and triannual International journal. The main goal of the journal is to create a new platform to exchange of the information on all aspects of English language teaching. Thus, TOJELT aims to report up-to-date high-quality empirical and original research contributions in the domain of English language teaching. The scope of the journal includes, but not limited to, theory and practice in English language teaching and learning, teaching and learning English as a second/foreign language, English language teachers and learners, teaching English to young learners, applied linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, literature in English language teaching and so forth. TOJELT also publishes book reviews, proceedings, dissertation reports – as long as they are expanded and revised regarding the expectations of TOJELT- of potential interest to readers of the journal. TOJELT completes the review process as early as possible. Any offer on publishing special issue is also welcomed by the editorial advisory board of the journal.Lastly, we sincerely thank all board members and the referees for their efforts in the publication process of the first issue. We send our gratitude to the organizers of The Self in Language Learning Conference held in 2015 for their advertising our journal. Hope to be in collaboration forever.With regards,Editors-in-Chief of the TOJELT
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