Design of Prototype Development on Lecturer Presence System Integration at Ibi Darmajaya

Nurfiana Nurfiana • Hendra Kurniawan

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The design of Prototype development on lecturer presence system integration at IBI Darmajaya is a study used to monitor lecturer's teaching activities based on days, hours, classrooms, and specific subjects based on the schedule made previously and results in up-to-date information on the lecturer's teaching.The lecturer presence process at IBI Darmajaya has been using a presence application; the monitoring process on the record of lecturer's teaching presence data becomes the responsibility of the official/ the Pusat Layanan Pelaporan Perkuliahan (PLPP) staffs for inputting the data into that application. This surely gives impacts on the performance of the PLPP department when there are teaching queues at specific hours and there is also inefficiency and inconsistency in recording the lecturer's teaching presence. The result of this study is a Prototype of lecturer presence system integration with centralized database placed in each classroom/ laboratory in which it demands the lecturers individually to do the teaching presence at every lecture.




2nd International Conference on Information Technology and Business 2016

  • Konferensi di Bandar Lampung, Indonésia pada tahun 2016
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