Pengaruh Motivasi dan Disiplin terhadap Prestasi Belajar Mata Kuliah Pengantar Ekonomi Mikro Mahasiswa Prodi Pendidikan Ekonomi Unimed

Achmad Mustofa --

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This type of research is quantitative. The research population was students Economic Education UNIMED on micro economics courses numbered 160 people. The research sample used random sampling by taking part of the population that is 80 people. The data analysis technique used was multiple linear regression, partial use of hypothesis testing and simultaneously then using the coefficient of determination. Before the test the prerequisite test analysis is then performed the analysisThe result in this research showed that the tendency of student learning achievement in category pass with 80,125. Multiple linear regression Y = 17,204 + 0,226X1 + 0,593X2 +e. The hypothesis test partially at significantly rate 5%. For learning motivation (X1) showed the value of taccount as 3,178 > ttable as1,664. For learning discipline (X2) showed the value of taccount as 7,051 > ttable as1,664. Hypothesis test simultaneously at significantly rate 5% showed Faccount as 255,312 > F table 3,12 and R2 as 0,869 or 86,9% which showed the percentage of the influence given by learning motivation variable and learning discipline toward student learning achievement as 86,9%. So this research is well used in the development of learning innovation economy.




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