Pengelolaan Manajemen Keuangan pada Lembaga Bimbingan Belajar Primagama Veteran Surakarta

Dwi Puji Astuti -.

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Financial management is one of the substances that the school management will contribute to determine the passage of educational activities in schools. Management of financial management is very important to do in the implementation of teaching and learning activities. The development of the world in the field of education can easily be said that the financial management issues become a problem that is quite complicated for thought by the education fund managers. Education financial management issues will be a matter of educators, learning processes, infrastructure, marketing and other aspects related to financial problems. Primagama is a tutoring agency for students of elementary, junior high school or alumni who put quality tutoring services including attention to sound financial management and transparency to improve the quality of care. This study aims to determine the financial transparency and efforts to improve the financial management system conducted by the Veterans Primagama Surakarta. The method used is a qualitative case study approach and literature review journals. The results showed that Primagama Veteran Surakarta has implemented activities with good financial transparency by involving the parents of students who have a positive impact so as to create a transparent financial accountability that strengthen partnerships between institutions, teachers, and parents. However, there also must be improved related to financial management, namely the payroll system for trainers teacher / tutor and depreciation on fixed asset management.




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