Penerapan Media Mind Mapping untuk Meningkatkan Prestasi Belajar IPS Kelas IV SD Negeri Purwoyoso 04 Kota Semarang

Ana Maria Kristiana Candra -.

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Background of the problem-oriented UU Sisdiknas No. 20 Tahun 2003 that the purpose of education has not been achieved due to the activity in learning social studies teacher is still using conventional pattern (explaining, lectures and badness media), low student activity and low impact on learning outcomes.Formulation of this research 1) What is the media Mind Mapping can increase the activity of teachers, 2) whether media Mind Mapping can increase student activity, 3) whether through the Mind Mapping media can enhance student learning outcomes. The purpose of this study are: 1) To increase the activity of teachers, 2) to increase student activity, 3) to improve student learning outcomes.This research was conducted by three cycles, each cycle of action planning, implementation, observation and reflection. Subjects were teachers and students of class IV SD Negeri Purwoyoso 04 totaling 19 students, with 5 male students and 14 female students. Data base student learning activities and teachers in learning activities sheet obtained through observation, student learning outcomes gained through the evaluation of post test.The result are improvement emotional activities, oral activities, draw mind mapping, Listening Activities, visual activityes, Motor activities, Drawing activities dan Emotional activities, Writing activities, motoric activities, motor activities and mental activities.From the analysis of research data with the title Media Mind Mapping in the fourth grade social studies subjects in SD Negeri Purwoyoso 04, to increase the activity of teachers, student activity, and student achievement. From the research it is suggested to researchers and teachers to use media Mind Mapping in learning and try it on higher.




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