The Need for Developing Early Reading Learning Devices in Primary School Class I Students

Kasmawati Kasmawati
Journal article Amanah • 2020 Indonésia

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Indonesian language learning includes listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. One of the skills that the class I students need to have is reading. Learning to read in the early grades must start from the basic stage, which is reading the beginning. The ability to read the beginning determines the success of further reading. Several studies have revealed that students' reading ability in Indonesia is low. The ability to read the beginning of students is directly influenced by the quality of learning. One of the efforts made by educators to improve the quality of beginning reading learning is the skill to choose and determine what learning devices will be used in the process of learning to begin with. The learning tool for reading the selected beginning should be fun, challenging, meaningful and motivating students to improve their reading skills The learning tool for beginning reading with the right method, will determine the quality of the learning process. A good quality learning process can improve students' reading skills. Steinberg's method is a method that is considered to be able to improve the quality of early reading learning.





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