Natural Disaster Preparedness Education for Students Through the Role Playing Method in Extracurricular Activities in Schools

Nurjannah Tamil
Journal article Amanah • 2020 Indonésia

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The high level of vulnerability of natural disasters in Indonesia needs to be accompanied by increasing disaster preparedness education in schools. Ministerial Regulation No. 62 of 2014 concerning extracurricular activities provides opportunities in disaster preparedness education. Disaster response extracurricular activities can be selected extracurricular activities in schools that are attended by all students. Based on the results of the study, the role-playing method is right for natural-based learning. Therefore, natural disaster preparedness education in extracurricular activities uses the role-playing method. In the implementation of disaster preparedness education, it is necessary to have a Learning Implementation Plan (RPP) with the role-playing method. For example, RPP in educating preparedness against flood disasters as the most frequent disaster in Indonesia. Preparation of lesson plans is intended so that the objectives of disaster preparedness education can be achieved and education be directed, effective, and efficient.






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