Keragaman Pangan Lokal di Pulau Lombok untuk Menunjang Pengembangan Pariwisata

Zainuri Zainuri • Abbas Zaini • Wiharyani Werdiningsih • Taslim Sjah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


Lombok Island is potential in providing agricultural raw materials that can be developed into local food products that in turn support the development of tourism in this island. This study aimed at identifying kinds of local food products available in Lombok Island, and their quantity. To achieve these purposes, research was designed in descriptive method such that the study revealed the picture of the situation of local food in Lombok Island. Data analyses were follow-on, and revealed that there are several local foods made of/from agricultural raw materials. They have various production values, and there ais adjustment of production (supply) to demand that exists. Some major local food products include 'Bulayak' satay and kerupuk kulit (animal skin crackers). There are also products that are typical to Lombok Island, i.e. Bulayak satay, Taliwang chicken, Tanjung satay (of fish)(from North Lombok), Opak-opak (sort of cracker), pelecing kangkung (traditional Lombok salad), and jajan bantal (made of mix glutinised rice and bananas) (from East Lombok).




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