Psnr Based Optimization Applied to Algebraic Reconstruction Technique for Image Reconstruction on a Multi-core System

Bharathi Lakshmi Agnimarimuthu • Daniel Durairaj, Christopher Durairaj
Journal article Jurnal Ilmu Komputer dan Informasi • 2017

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(English, 10 pages)


The present work attempts to reveal a parallel Algebraic Reconstruction Technique (pART) to reduce the computational speed of reconstructing artifact-free images from projections. ART is an iterative algorithm well known to reconstruct artifact-free images with limited number of projections. In this work, a novel idea has been focused on to optimize the number of iterations mandatory based on Peak to Signal Noise Ratio (PSNR) to reconstruct an image. However, it suffers of worst computation speed. Hence, an attempt is made to reduce the computation time by running iterative algorithm on a multi-core parallel environment. The execution times are computed for both serial and parallel implementations of ART using different projection data, and, tabulated for comparison. The experimental results demonstrate that the parallel computing environment provides a source of high computational power leading to obtain reconstructed image instantaneously.




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