Nilai Ekonomi Ekowisata Taman Nasional Danau Sentarum Kabupaten Kapuas Hulu Provinsi Kalimantan Barat ( Studi Kasus di Sptn II Semitau, Stasiun Riset Bukit Tekenang )

Uke Natalina • Gusti Hardiansyah • Yosefhie Maria
Journal article Jurnal Hutan Lestari • 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The research was conducted on Danau Sentarum National Park in SPTN II Semitau, Stasiun Riset Bukit Tekenang Kapuas Hulu, West Borneo. The objective of this research were to: (1) Identify the visitor characteristics of Danau Sentarum National Park; (2) Identify factors influencing the demand of recreation; (3) Estimate the demand equation of recreation benefit of Danau Sentarum National Park; (4) Value the economic of National Park. The result shown that visitor characteristics including age, gender, incomes, occupation, cost during activity of recreation, motivation, and the vehicle type used were highly varied. The data were analyzed using stepwise regression model. The factors influencing the visit to Danau Sentarum National Park were traveling expense, number of people per district, and number of working hour per day. The demand equation models based on traveling cost method was Ŷ=2,033 – 0,00000074 X1 – 0,037 X2, with R2 = 88,7%; F tabel = 5,786; Y= recreation demand; X= traveling cost. The economics valuation of Danau Santarum National Park was obtained from the averages of williningness to pay, sacrificed value, and consumer surplus of each 1000 people which were Rp 332.904.984, Rp 486.970.684 and Rp 154.065.699 respectively. Keywords: Economics Valuation, Danau Sentarum National Park, Travel Cost Methods




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