Uji Gelagat Dan Uji Analgesik Ekstrak Etanol Daun Kembang Sungsang (Gloriosa Superba L) Pada Hewan Coba

Pudjiastuti Pudjiastuti • Yun Astuti Nugroho
Journal article Indonesian Pharmaceutical Journal • 2009

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Gloriosa superba L belongs to the Colchiceae family. These vine plants reach 2.5 m in height and can grow at 400 m above sea level. The leaves contain chemical compounds such as alkaloid colchisin, glorisin and triterpen which possess analgesic properties. Many studies have been conducted in the tubers of such plants but scientific information on the efficacy of the leaves as analgesic have not thus far been published. Therefore, in this work a study was conducted to test behavior and analgesic efficacy of compounds in the Gloria superba L. leaves extracted with ethanol. The results showed !he influence on the central nervous system and analgesic effects at doses of extract for 2 mg/100g body weight of mice and it's no significant different with asetosal (p< 0,05).




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