Campuran Pupuk Organik Kotoran Ayam dan Tanah Alluvial pada Bibit Rotan Sega (Calamus Caesius Blume) di Persemaian

Nur Haida • Bur Hanudin • Sa Dari
Journal article Jurnal Hutan Lestari • 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Cane represent one of result of forest ( result of forest non wood) what is in recognizing wide by society, good of rural society especially society dabbling direct with the collection of and also cane broader society exploiting permanent cane upon which industry, substance of commerce and complement in life one day- day. Fertilize the cage of chicken dirt considered to be by a complete manure because containing element N,P,K which high enough is so that made available by a element - element hara for crop. Fertilize the cage of chicken dirt able to improve the land;ground fertility, improve;repairing land;ground structure, aerasi, energy arrest;detain the good air.Struktur land;ground make the root expand better so that wide progressively absorption area to element hara. This research aim to to know the organic manure mixture of dirt of chicken and land;ground of alluvial padabibit of cane of sega seedbed. This research is executed in seedbed of Laboratory of Silvikultur of Faculty of Forestry of University of research done/conducted by during this 3 bulan.Penelitian use the attempt with the Complete Random Device ( RAL) consisted of by 5 treatment by 10 is ulangan.Sehingga seed weared in this research amount to the this 50 bibit. research is yaitu:A = pure Land;Ground Alluvial, B = Land;Ground Alluvial + Chicken Dirt 1:1, C = Land;Ground Alluvial + Chicken Dirt 1:2, D = Land;Ground Alluvial + Chicken Dirt 1:3, E = Land;Ground Alluvial + Chicken Dirt 1:4. Variable perceived by is high accretion, sum up the leaf, diameter. Pursuant to high accretion data, diameter, and sum up the leaf of seed of cane sega gave by the treatment E that is mixture of Land;Ground Alluvial + Chicken Dirt 1:4 owning high accretion of larger ones compared to by a the other. Key word : Organics, fertilizer, Alluvial, Calamus caesius Blume




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