Partisipasi Masyarakat Desa Tunggul Boyok dalam Melestarikan Pohon Kempas (Kompassia SP) sebagai Tempat Bersarang Lebah Madu di Desa Tunggul Boyok Kecamatan Bonti Kabupaten Sanggau

Sarma Siahaan • Is Kandar • Zajuli Qalbi
Journal article Jurnal Hutan Lestari • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


One of the potential tree forests which economically significant for rural communities is the presence of Kempas tree (Kompassia sp) around the Tunggul Boyok villages in Bonti district Sanggau regency. The existences of this Kempas tree for rural communities are quite high economic value because this tree becomes the breeding of honeybees. Activity preserve the kempas tree today only through community participation and institutional village by village communities in the form of Tunggul Boyok farmer groups, therefore the research is needed to describe how the forms of participation of the rural communities in preserving kempas tree. The survey results revealed the forms of participation of rural communities of Tunggul Boyok in preserving Kempas trees among others. The community jointly maintains Kempas trees to prevent damage, in the event of damage to society that damages the kempas tree sanctioned according to mutual agreement and has been disseminated to the whole communities. The whole society is allowed to burn materials around Kempas trees in any form or society is prohibited turn on the fire in the forest, especially near the kempas tree. The public good required to keep the kempas tree as private property that comes from the legacy of parents as well as the property of others. Keyword : Kempas tree, participation, preservation, Sanggau regency, Tunggul Boyok village. Keyword : Kempas tree, participation, preservation, Sanggau regency, Tunggul Boyok village.




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