Menurunkan Derajat Flebitis Akibat Terapi Intravena Pada Anak Dengan Kompres Aloe Vera: Studi Pilot

Oswati Hasanah • Riri Novayelinda • Maifera Maifera • Isdelni Isdelni
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing • March 2017


Reducing the Grade of Phlebitis due to Intravenous Therapy in Children with Aloe Vera Compress. Intravenous therapy is a type of treatment that is widely provided to hospitalized children. Intravenous application in a long time causes complications in children, such as phlebitis. One of the interventions in handling phlebitis is compressing Aloe vera which is useful because it has electrolyte in low concentration so as not to cause extravasation. This study aims to identify the effect of Aloe vera on the degree of phlebitis in hospitalized children. This quasi-experimental study involved 15 children selected by consecutive sampling. All samples received a pure Aloe vera compress. The grade of phlebitis was measured using the INS phlebitis scale before and after the intervention. This study found that the mean degree of phlebitis before treatment was 2.60 with a minimum-maximum score 1–5, and after treatment, the average grade of phlebitis was 1.07 with a minimum-maximum score 0–3. Aloe vera effectively decreased the degree of phlebitis in children (p= 0.000). Further research needs to compare the effectiveness of Aloe vera compresses with other non-pharmacological measurements.




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