Pengalaman Pasien Mengalami Serangan Jantung Pertama Kali Yang Dirawat Di Ruang CICU

Didi Kurniawan • Kusman Ibrahim • Ayu Prawesti
Journal article Padjadjaran Nursing Journal • 2015


A heart attack is an inhibition of blood flow in the coronary arteries that causes oxygen deficiency to the heart muscles, causing irreversible myocardial damage as well as disbelief, denial, anger, and fear of death in patients. A heart attack affects the physical and psyhological aspects of the patient and their family. This situation requires doctors and nurses to better understand the changes in the lives of patients who have their first heart attack in order to reach holistic nursing care. This study uses qualitative method with phenomenological approach. Data was collected by in-depth interviews with 4 men and 3 women between the age of 42 to 68. Data were analyzed with Colaizzi method. Life experiences of patients who have their first heart attack are categorised into 3 phases. The first phase is before heart attack occurs, i.e. circumstances that triggered heart attack. The second phase is when heart attack occurs, e.g. chest pain as if being squeezed by a piece of concrete, fear of death, disbelief, the importance of family during the attack, and desperately seeking medical services. The third phase is during treatment, e.g. feeling better because chest pain has subsided, resignation, praying, considering pain as a test from God, the intention to keep practicing religion in spite of being sick, feeling relieved and happy to receive a second chance from God, sleep disorder during treatment, and difficulty to pay hospital costs.This study discovered new forms of life experiences, including desperately seeking medical care, feeling better because chest pain has subsided, and feeling happy to receive a second chance from God. The findings of this study suggest the need for timely medical response for people having a heart attack, increased involvement of family during the treatment of early heart attack, visits from clergy and improved understanding of patients through health education, in order to develop an excellent medical service.




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