Gambaran Konsumsi Makanan Laut Penderita Hipertensi Diwilayah Kerja Puskesmas Dagho Kecamatan Tamako

Susanty Manikome • Sefty Rompas • Gresty Masi
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan UNSRAT • 2016


: Risk the happening of hpertensi to one who is salt mengkomsumsi more than 6 gram per day 5-6 bigger times, in bangdingkan with one who is low salt consume in number. Target of this Research is know Relation of consume food go out to sea with occurence of hypertension in Puskesmas Dagho District of Tamako. This desain research is Analytic ofobservasional with approach of Cross sectional. Population in this research is Population the taken is all patient which suffering hypertension exist in Dagho puskesmas District of Tamako, amounting to 50 people with Intake of sampel in this research use Total technique ofsampling, instrument the used is used by date analysis and cuesioner is bivariate and univariat with test of chi-square. Result of research there are very real relation between food consumption go out to sea with occurence of hypertension (p=0.002). Pursuant to result of research, hence Conclusion that most responder suffer hypertension > 2 year counted 32 responder ( 64%), and most consuming perhari < 2 cutting and frequency < 4 times one week counted 27 responder (54.0%), hence from that better Be expected to officer of Puskesmas Dagho to be giving counselling in the form of a good way to consume pregnant sea food of high Natrium.




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