Pengaruh Terapi Senam Diabetik Terhadap Kecerdasan Emosi Pasien Diabetes Melitus Di Klinik Husada Kimia Farma Sario Manado

Wenda Marina Assa • Levi Suling • Hendro Bidjuni
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan UNSRAT • 2017


: Diabetic gymnastic treatment is a sport which can be given to diabetic mellitus patients, as a physical health benefits it can lower the blood sugar level and improve patient fitness, as a mental health benefit improve patient mental emotional. The aim of this research is to determine the effect of diabetic gymnastic exercise therapy on the emotional intelligence of diabetic mellitus patients. Experiment research design with quasi experiment approach used on this research method. Non probability sampling using incidental sampling and case control formula to determine the sample size, used as the sampling techniques which obtained the total sample of 34 responden. The results, by using independent t test at the significance level of 95%, found that significant value is 0,000 or less than the value exhibited significant 0.05 (0.00 <0.05). As the conclusion, the results showed that there is a therapeutic effect on emotional intelligence gymnastics diabetic patients with diabetes mellitus in the clinic Husada Kimia Farma Sario Manado. As suggestions gymnastics diabetic therapy can be used as one of the independent action of nurses in improving the quality of health care to mental health emotionally, namely to increase the emotional intelligence of patients with diabetes mellitus.




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