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Latifah, Lutfatul • Anggraeni, Mekar Dwi
Journal article Soedirman Journal of Nursing • 2014


A stereotype that nursing is a profession for female has gradually changed with the increasing number of men who cultivate the nursing profession. However, in some areas this stereotype remains an issue. Male nursing students may experience gender bias while practice in maternity wards. This study aims to describe the experiences of male students while having clinical practice in maternity wards. A phenomenological approach was used in this study. Using a purposive sampling method, 8 male nursing students who were pursuing internship program were selected. Data were collected by semi structured interviews and analysed by thematic analysis. This study identified 7 themes, (1) gender role strain, (2) causes of gender role strain, (3) forms of gender role strain, (4) respond of gender role strain, (5) attitude on gender role strain, (6) hope in gender role strain, and (7) positive impacts of maternity nursing internship on male students. This study found that during the internship program in maternity wards, there were several gender inequities perceived by the male nursing students. Collaboration between nurse educators and nurse practitioners is needed to facilitate the learning process in maternity wards, especially for male nursing students.




Soedirman Journal of Nursing

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