Pelaksanaan Kegiatan Special Event Jakarta Goes Pink Oleh Lovepink Indonesia

Nugroho Ajie Hartono • Susanne Dida • Hanny Hafiar
Journal article Jurnal Komunikasi Trunojoyo • September 2016 Indonesia


This study aims to determine the event management process by Lovepink Indonesia in Jakarta Goes Pink 2015 to raise awareness. This study uses the Event Management Process by Joe Goldblatt as thecornerstone concept.This study used a qualitative research approach descriptive study. Data was collected by in-depthinterviews, passive participant observation, and literature study. The key informant collection techniqueused is purporsive sampling. Data were analyzed using three stages, which is data reduction, datadisplay, and conclusion drawing. Validity of the data using triangulation of data sources.The result of this study indicates that event management process of Jakarta Goes Pink 2015 iscategorized in several stages, which are research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation.Research was conducted on the analysis of the situation related to the Indonesian community awarenessabout breast cancer, the result of this research indicates that awareness is still low, especially comparedto Pink Ribbon activities abroad and evaluation of previous year's event. Event design is done using thecolor element to make the concept of Jakarta Goes Pink comes alive, educating visitors about breastcancer, and the element of entertainment within the concept of fair and festival. The planning involvesin setting goals that determine the time and location, budgeting, human resource management, andpublication through social media and media partners. Coordination is done as an effort to manage thecommunication between external parties such as the communities, volunteers, sponsors, and mediapartners; as well as internal parties, which is the committee of Jakarta Goes Pink itself. Evaluationincludes an evaluation of the event, direct feedback from dearest people, and the calculation of theamount of media coverage and the nature of the news.




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