Hubungan Regulasi Diri Dengan Semangat Kerja Perawat Di Rumah Sakit Jiwa Prof Dr. V. L. Ratumbuysang Manado

Veronika Felda Mamuaja • Damajanti Pangemanan • Hendro Bidjuni
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan UNSRAT • 2017


: Self-Regulation is the ability of a person to organize, direct and control her/him self, generate thoughts, feelings, actions, planed and adjust her/him self to the environment, in order to be persistently on the goal which is intended to reach and to be based on the desired standard. Morale is the spiritual condition or work attitude individuals pose a pleasure to hard work and consistent in achieving goals in the set. The purpose of this study to exemine the realtion self-regulation and morale of nurse at psychiatric hospital Prof. DR. V. L. Ratumbuysang Manado Sampling research involved fiftinine nurse. The Method descriptive analytic with Cross-Sectional. The Result by Chi- Square there is a relationship between Self-Regulation and Morale of Nurse gained p=0,000 where the value α=0,05. Conclusion result showed the relationship self-regulation with morale of nurse at psychiatric hospital Prof. DR. V. L. Ratumbuysang Manado. Suggestion can be used as a reference for nurser to better regulated themselves so as motivation to work better in a comperehensive nursing care




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