Identifikasi Perubahan Iklim Berdasarkan Data Curah Hujan di Wilayah Selatan Jatiluhur Kabupaten Subang, Jawa Barat

Dyah Susilokarti • Sigit Supadmo Arif • Sahid Susanto • Lilik Sutiarso
Journal article Agritech: Jurnal Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian UGM • 2015 Indonesia


Indonesian region is strongly influenced by the monsoon climatic conditions have obvious difference between wet season and dry season. Climate variability and extreme climate phenomenon that often happens lately caused climate change. Climate change is characterized by changes in rainfall patterns and its causes shifting early in the season that make it difficult to plan cultivation. It is therefore necessary to study the behavior of the climate through rainfall time series analysis. Statistical tests performed using the F test and t test. This study aims to identify climate change through pattern trends, distribution and similarity of rainfall data at different timescales, using rainfall data rainy season (October to March) and the dry season (April to September) year period from 1975 to 2012. Data obtained from 6 (six) graduated rainfall stations around the study site those are Kalijati, Curugagung, Cinangling, Dangdeur, Subang and Pegaden. Data are grouped in 10-year period with a 4-year timing differences in accordance with the rules of the moving average. The period 1975 -1984 was indicated as an initial period as a basis to look for changes in rainfall patterns that occur. F test shows there has been a change in the distribution of rainfall in every period than normal period. T test showed there has been a change in the pattern of rainfall in the dry season period from 1987 to 1996. While the rainy season is starting to look at the period from 1995 to 2004. Rainy season and the dry season period (1995-2004) shows a similar pattern with the normal period (1975 -1984) so that it is possible in a certain period of climate change on the location of the cycle is approaching normal conditions.




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