Rancang Bangun Mesin Pemanen Udang (Penaeus SP.)

Rizki Maulaya • Sam Herodian
Journal article Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian • 2013 Indonesia


Shrimp quality is influenced by several factors including the harvesting process. So far, the harvesting process for shrimp in Indonesia is still traditional. This research aims to design a vacuum-type shrimp harvester to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of farming productivity. So that shrimp quality can be maintained high. Stages of this research starts from the problems identification, design analysis, prototyping, and functional test. This design uses a vacuum system that is applied starting from the inlet channel, tanks, to the outlet channel. By using centrifugal water pump, commodities in pond are inhaled and trapped in the tank without passing through the impeller. In addition, this design also uses a vacuum pump to maintain pressure in the system. It aims to solve the undetected leaks on the system. From the data obtained, the highest flow rate is 5.27 l/s with suction speed of 0.65 m/s, while the lowest flow rate is 4.75 l/s with suction speed of 0.59 m/s. Commodity that can be inhaled by this prototype is shrimp that has burst speed ranging in average of its suction speed, ie 0.61 m/s. It needs the next research to make the other harvesting mechanism to avoid the undetected leaks on the system.




Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian

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