Karakteristik Fermentatif Medium DeMann Rogosa Sharpe (MRS) Antosianin Beras Ketan Hitam (Oryza Sativa Var. Glutinosa) Menggunakan Pediococcus Pentosaceus N11.16

Nanik Suhartatik • Merkuria Karyantina • Muhammad Nur Cahyanto • Sri Raharjo • Endang Sutriswati Rahayu


Anthocyanin was a bioactive compound which has an anti-infl ammatory effect, anticancer, antimutagen, antioxidant, anticholesterol, and also acts as therapheutic agent for artherioschlerosis. Initial step for anthocyanin metabolism was hydrolyzed to anthocyanidin (aglikon) by β-D-glucosidase. Pediococcus pentosaceus N11.16 is known to be one of bacteria which has a capability to hydrolyze black glutinous rice anthocyanin extract. The aims of this research were to study the fermentative characteristics of MRS containing black glutinous rice anthocyanin medium (MRSm+Anthocyanin) using lactic acid bacteria P. pentosaceus N11.16. The results showed that P. pentosaceus N11.16 could grew well in this medium. Total acid producing bacteria increased untill 2 log cycle with antioxidant activity (%RSA) 75% and the Fe 3+ ion reducing capacity 36.75%. Phenolic compound in the MRSm+ anthocyanin was 584.05 mg asam galat/100 mL after being fermented for 16 hours. Phenolic compound in MRSm+anthocyanin medium were higher than MRSm or control medium (MRS). Beta glucosidase activities of the bacterial cell tend to be higher in the MRS anthocyanin medium than MRS without sugar and control medium.




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