Hubungan Pengendalian Diabetes Mellitus Dengan Kadar Glukosa Darah Pada Pasien Diabetes Mellitus Di RSUD Manembo Nembo Bitung

Viena H. K. Worang • Jeavery Bawotong • Frenly Muntu Untu
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan UNSRAT • August 2013


: Diabetes is a disease that the long-term so if neglected complication of diabetes mellitus can attack all of a limb resulting from blood sugar levels in people with aids uncontrolled diabetes, The act of controlling diabetes to prevent the occurrence of a complication is very needed especially keeping blood sugar level as nearly as possible with normal ( soegondo, 2009 ). Control in diabetes can do with four main pillars control of diabetes mellitus that is, physical activity, planning eat, planning a drug, and education. An increased occurrence of diabetics mellitus in RSUD Manembo Nembo Bitung show that the prevention and handling in communities is not optimal. The aim of this research is to find out the relation of control diabetes mellitus with blood glucose levels patient diabetes. In this research using design research of cross-sectional with large sample of respondents, 42 the measurement of variable using a questionnaire and sheets of observation blood glucose levels. Statistical analysis used is spearman rho. Of assay statistical done = 0,003 obtained the result of the value of p ­= 0, 003 with the level of significance (Alpha) that is in use: 0,001 so, α = 0,01 > 0,003 that means there is a meaningful relationship between the control of diabetes mellitus with blood glucose levels. With the value of the close relationship or a correlation coefficient and the level of 0, 446 with category level of the clinging being.




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