Keberadaan Pengawas Minum Obat (Pmo) Pasien Tuberkulosis Paru Di Indonesia

Murtiwi Murtiwi
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing • March 2006 Indonesia


Tuberculosis (TBC) as a contagious disease that can lead to death is the third cause of death in Indonesia. The Home Health Survey ( Survei Kesehatan Rumah Tangga-SKRT) in 2001 stated that TBC is the third cause of death after the cardiovascular and respiratory disease in all of age groups and that TBC is the first cause of death in the infectious diseases. The number of the patients is approximately 500.000 people/year with the death incident of 175.000 people/year, especially in poor village area and dense city area (DepKes RI, 2005). Until recently, the TBC eradication programme in Indonesia is still far away from expected outcomes. One of the main cause is the high rate of incompliance to treatment. Therefore, the compliance to treatment still becomes the most important priority. This reseach aims to identify clients' knowledge about roles of the health care provider. This reseach uses cross sectional design. In this design, the information about the TBC clients' compliance is included in the other data on attitudes. The study shows that the role of supervisor for administering medication to Lung TBC clients' compliances is ineffective. This result is enhanced by the data that 66.6% clients are never reminded to take the medication. Clients stated that they do not need supervisor for administering medication. These findings showed that clients have the potency for empowerment, therefore, these results revealed that it is important to start empowering the community which can be started by facilitating the self help group of TBC client.




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