Ensuring Peace Environment in Post Conflict Society Through Institutional Engineering; an Indonesian Case Study

Andi Ahmad Yani
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi dan Kebijakan Kesehatan Indonesia • January 2017 Indonesia


Most studies examine post conflict society based in security and aid management approach for conflict-management. However, some scholars in conflict studies also suggest an institutional design approach to accommodate conflict parties in aftermath regions, which focuses on seeking an appropriate and acceptable “formula” to resolve conflicts. Based on Indonesia's case, this study proposes a political compromise approach among different parties, at least for core conflict groups, to formulate an institutional framework in ensuring sustainable peace. This study discusses the feasibility of institutional design in order to mitigate dispute escalation in conflict-prone areas in Indonesia through applying theories of centripetalism (Lijphart,1969) and consocialism (Horowitz, 1985). This paper utilizes the analysis tool of Ilievski and Wolff (2011) to analyze the institutional design of conflict resolution




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