Masalah Tidur Dan Strategi Koping Pada Perawat Di Rawat Inap

Zuriati Rahmi • Kuntarti Kuntarti
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing • March 2016 Indonesia


Sleeping Disorder and Coping Strategy of Clinical Nurses. Sleeping disorder is common problem for adult, including nurses working shift in the ward. Adaptive coping is needed in handling sleeping disorder. This study aimed to identify sleeping disorder of clinical nurse who work in the ward and their coping strategy with that problem. The descriptive method applied to 106 clinical nurses who work at a hospital in Jakarta. A cluster proportional sampling applied to recruit the respondents. Modified Specialised Centres of Research Sleep Questionnaire used to measure sleeping disorder and a questionnaire that was developed by researcher measured nurses' coping to sleeping disorder. Results showed that nurses have problems covered insomnia (30.2%), sleep apnea (14.2%), restless legs syndrome (10.4%), and narcolepsy (10.4%). Nurses who had adaptive coping were 50.9%. An appropriate shift schedule, a proper arrangement of the schedule and a chosen adaptive coping may reduce prevalence of sleeping disorder among nurses.




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