Analisis Pra-Investasi untuk Komersialisasi Alat Pemerah Susu Sapi Semi Otomatis Tipe Engkol di Provinsi Jawa Barat

Setyo Pertiwi • Dewi Purnama
Journal article Jurnal Keteknikan Pertanian • 2011 Indonesia


An effort to improve the productivity of dairy cattle industry, especially small holders, has been made by designing semi automatic dairy cattle milking machine. Prototype of the machine has also been tested and the result was satisfying. However there is still no effort that has been made to produce the machine commercially. This research is aimed to carry out a pre-investment analysis for commercializing semi automatic dairy cattle milking machine in West Java Province which covers need analysis, functional and operational design of workshop, and financial feasibility analysis of the business. The results indicate that under the given conditions and assumptions the business of producing semi automatic dairy cattle milking machine is technically as well as financially feasible. It requires initial investment of Rp. 37,226,400, annual fixed cost of Rp. 88,323, 915 and variable cost of Rp. 289,221,112 yearly. For 15 years project' period, interest rate of 15% and selling price of Rp. 7,416,065 per unit the business results to an NPV of Rp. 144,242,044 and IRR of 101%. Without selling price increase, the financial feasibility can be maintained on the raw material price increase up to 10% and the wage increase up to 14%.




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