Peranan Pendidikan Keluarga Dalam Rehabilitasi Mental Penderita Psikopat

Mulyadi Guntur Waseso


Psychosis has direct impacts on the psychopaths' family. Relations between the psychopaths and their family will be a complicated ones. The members of psychopaths' family is often failed to know what to do. The family's prestige is threatened by possibility that the family members are facing difficulties in getting spouses. Therefore, family as a smallest unit of society should be involved in recovering the psychopaths. In rehabilitating their mental health, the psychopaths' family plays an important role using educational approach in its broad meaning. The psychopaths' family, for example, can provide a normal treatment, build the psychopaths' self-concept as a human being, "inoculate" religious educations, and activate the psychopaths in productive and recreative activities.




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