Kejadian Kaki Diabetik Pasien Diabetes Melitus Berdasarkan Faktor Yang Berkontribusi

Septi Kurniasari • Elly Nurachmah • Dewi Gayatri
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing • November 2008


Foot problems in diabetes is one the most frightening complications for diabetic patients because of the possibility of amputation. The purpose of this study was to analyze the factors which contribute to foot problems. This research was an analytic descriptive research with cross sectional method design. The sample used for this study was 136 diabetic patients who suffered from foot problems or deformities. The result from bivariate analysis showed that there was a relationship between foot exercise, foot care, compliance in preventing foot injury, control of blood glucose level, patient's knowledge, and diet with the incidence of foot problems. Whilst the multivariate analysis showed there were only 3 variables which contributed to this incidence. They were foot exercise, compliance in preventing foot injury and patient's knowledge. This study recommended to have a routine counseling and diabetic exercise regulary.




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