Karakteristik Inovasi Kebijakan Kantong Plastik Tidak Gratis Bagi Ibu Rumah Tangga Di Kota Bandung

Meria Octavianti • Iwan Koswara • Dhisa Yunita Advika Sari
Journal article Jurnal Komunikasi Untar • 2016 Indonesia


:Bandung become one of the pilot areas of “Kantong Plastik Tidak Gratis” policy which is a pilot project to resolve the plastic garbage problem in Indonesia. At trial implementation of this policy, the mothers of households in the Bandung City, which is the main target of the policy, are required to bring their own shopping bags or have to spend money to pay for plastic bags that they will use. As an innovation, this policy has five characteristics that can be assessed to determine whether the policy can be easily accepted or difficult. According to Rogers, the five policy are relative advantage, compatibility, complexity, trialability, and observability (1983 : 5 ). Accordingly, this study aims to reveal how the assessment of mother - housewife in the city of Bandung on the five characteristics of innovation policy. The theory used as the basis of this research is the theory Innovation Diffusion from Everett M. Rogers . The research method used is quantitative method with survey approach. The data collection study conducted by distributing questionnaires to 103 housewives in Bandung, which has been selected by using multistage cluster sampling technique . The results showed that the characteristics of innovation policy consisting of relative advantage, compatibility, triability , and observability overall rated high by mothers of households in Bandung City . While the characteristics of the complexity of the policy rated low because the majority of mothers of households think that this policy is easy to apply. It can be concluded that the characteristics of innovation policy is considered to be good by the mother of households in Bandung City .




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