Hubungan Mekanisme Koping Dengan Kejadian Stres Pasca Bencana Alam Pada Masyarakat Kelurahan Tubo Kota Ternate

Asnayanti Asnayanti • Lucky Kumaat • Ferdinand Wowiling
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan UNSRAT • August 2013


Abtract: Coping mechanism sapattern oftension to hold him that thre a tens (self defense/maladaptive) or to solv ethe problems faced (adaptive coping mechanisms). Stress is a condition produced by environmental change accepted as something that opposes, threat zenordestroy the balance ofone's equilibrium. Natural disasteris beyond the capacity of ecological disturbance group of living adjus tment to the environment. The purpose of research to determine the relationship of mechanism after natura ldisasters with the incidence of stress coping oncommunities in Tubo Ternate city. The study design was descriptive cross sectional with analytic approach. The research was carried outstarting from July 3th to 26th, witha total sample of 50 respondents.




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