Pengaruh Penggunaan Nanas Dan Umbi Pohon Gadung Sebagai Koagulan Terhadap Kualitas Bahan Olahan Karet Rakyat

Praharnata Praharnata • Joko Sulistyo • Hesti Wijayanti
Journal article Jurnal Konversi UNLAM • April 2016 Indonesia


: Latex precoagulation is a spontaneous clot of latex that is usually caused by the effects of acids, enzymes and bacteria. Materials used to make precoagulation faster known as a coagulant. Some people in South Kalimantan using some natural coagulant that is not widely known as a gadung tree root and pineapple cob, so in this study we wanted to examine more deeply about the use of this natural coagulant, observe and compare the quality of rubber produced. The experiments were performed by making observations on a sample of latex was mixed with a coagulant which has been varied, this study tried to imitate the dry crumb rubber processing, so the rubber samples that created has technical properties that can be tested. The tests performed in this study were precoagulation test with varying coagulant, precoagulation test with coagulant dose varied, latex precoagulation test with waste water of early precoagulation and test of the technical properties of the rubber. From the analysis of gadung sample obtained rubber nitrogen content of 0.22 %, Po 31, and the PRI 76, the pineapple samples obtained rubber nitrogen content of 0.24 %, 21.5 Po and the PRI 56.




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