Media Dan Politik: Pertarungan Ruangn & Kuasa Media Menjelang Pemilihan Presiden

Didik Haryadi Santoso
Journal article Jurnal Komunikasi Untar • 2014


:Elections are not only about the power but also about how to fight the battle space. Social space, media space and elite space crossed chaos. How bout space and power of the media ahead of the presidential election? At least the question becomes common thread of this paper. Battle space and power initiated remediation through space. Social space are led into the media space and then enter the elite space. The space is in conflict with the interests of a variety of media and political parties. All of reducing mutual, mutual control and dominate the other. Form of domination is present in two forms; First, the dominance of human resources and Second, dominance over material resources. The fight media space and power are no longer dwell on the state-based power. Nor is stopped at a market-based power but boils down to political power with a variety of interest-based politics that instant and pragmatic.




Jurnal Komunikasi Untar

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