Strategi Komunikasi Program Internet Sehat Dan Aman Kementerian Komunikasi Dan Informatika Republik Indonesia (Studi Kasus Evaluasi Program Incakap Tahun 2015

Sucianty Dyah Astuti • Idola Perdini Putri • Dini Salmiyah Fithrah Ali
Journal article Jurnal Komunikasi Untar • 2016 Indonesia


Internet has become a lifestyle in community along with the development of internet technology in the life and social relationship. The high number of internet users in Indonesia gave rise to a variety of impacts on society, both positive and negative. Relates with these impacts, to create an understanding in the community against the use of the internet the Government through the Ministry of communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia create program, that is Internet healthy and safe in order to socialize the use of the internet for healthy and safe through the ethics of the Internet learning healthy by involving all components of society.The research focused on the evaluation of healthy and safe internet programme conducted by the Ministry of communications and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia in 2015. The objective of the research is to perceive the communication strategy and the achievement of the objectives of the healthy and safe internet program by KemKominfo. This research used the qualitative method with descriptive case study research. The data obtained through interviews and literature studies, while informants in this study was KemKominfo staff on to the various Directorate General Application Infomatika sub direktotar empowerment of informatics as many as three people. Through the whole concatenation of process research obtained results that indicate that: (1) the achievement of healthy and safe Internet Programme until 2015 has achieved the target but not 100%. (2) in the implementation of the program there are some obstacles faced by KemKominfo, specifically: (i) the limitation of APBN, (ii) affordability limitations due to the geographical of Indonesia as an archipelago state. (3) the evaluation needs to be done about the use of online media in the communication strategy of healthy and secure internet program. There were some changes since the beginning of the implementation of the Insan program in the year 2008 to 2015 as a result of the evaluation of the program conducted by KemKominfo, namely: (i) the change in INSAN name since 2003 into INCAKAP, (ii) the change of INSAN logo , (iii) the change of INSAN mascot.




Jurnal Komunikasi Untar

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