Gula Povidine-iodine 1%: Alternatif Pengobatan Luka Tekan

Amelia Kurniati
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing • March 2004 Indonesia


Pressure ulcers (ulcers which caused by body pressure) are common problems in some sub-specific patients, such as, elderly patients, critical-ill and para paraplegia patients. Pressure ulcers induces problems: the costs involved, patients' quality of life and mortality rate. Research purposed to compare the effectivity hydrocolloid dressing and sugar Povidine-iodine (1%) dressing. Research has been conducted within the 4 selected hospitals in 2 months period of time using non equivalen control group; pre and post test. Total sample was 25 patients, which divided onto 2 groups: hydrocolloid group and sugar povidineiodinee group. Pre-test was also done to obtain initial data to be used for further treatments with hydrocolloid dressing and sugar Povidine-iodine (1%) dressing. Each patient was treating for 3 weeks, and in each week was conducted a post-test. Results from processing the data obtained, indicating that there was no significant difference on wound size reduction. The cost involved was higher in the hydrocolloid group while the nursing time consumption was lower.




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