Dukungan Tenaga Kesehatan Terhadap Pelaksanaan Imd: Studi Kasus Di RS Swasta X Dan RSUD Y Di Jakarta

Novianti Margareth Sihombing • Anissa Rizkianti
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Reproductive Health • 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Background: Early Initiation of Breastfeeding (IMD) aims to encourage the provision of colostrum to the newborn, as well as to prevent neonatal deaths. The role of health workers are needed to support the successful implementation of the IMD. Objective: This study aims to identify the role of health professionals and hospital on the implementation of the IMD shortly after childbirth. Methods: This is a qualitative study on 30 mothers who had delivery, both with pervaginam or cesarean section methods in two hospitals in Jakarta, private and government hospital. Data were collected through in-depth interview. Triangulation of data was obtained through in-depth interviews to informants of health workers, including midwives, lactation counselors and obstetricians. Results: Health workers' support was reflected from the efforts of health workers to inform the IMD practice and benefits, as well as accompany the mother whiled conducting IMD. Health personnels in private hospital were tend to be more supportive than those who work in public hospital. This was due to their high commitment and positive attitude supported by clear regulations regarding the practice of IMD. Conclusion: The role of health professionals in supporting the implementation of IMD needs to be improved not only through improving the technical skills of IMD, but also building a positive attitude, so health professionals become more serious in running the IMD program.




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