Pengaruh Zat Aditif Urea Terhadap Kuantitas Biodiesel Pada Reaksi Transesterfikasi

Rismawati Rasyid • Ummu Kalsum • Rahmaniah Malik • Dadi Priyono • Azis Albar
Journal article Jurnal Kimia Valensi • May 2014


Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oils have potential to be converted into constituent of chemicals fuel. Fatty acids in the RBD palm oil with the largest composition are palmitic acid (38.2%) and oleic acid (45.89%). Production of fuel which substitute diesel fuel (biodiesel) from CPO (Crude Palm Oil) which has been purified by transesterification reaction with ethanol reagent and KOH catalyst. The addition of urea as an additive substancein the reaction to improve the quality as well as more efficient biodiesel obtained in the purification stages. Percentage value of FAME(Fatty Acid Metyl Ester)or yield biodiesel in the reaction without the addition of urea is 90.34% and after the addition of urea increased by 98%. Density of product that produced in the reaction without additives is 0.868 g / ml and for reaction with additives has a density of 0.866 g / ml, both of these products are met the criteria of SNI standards which ranged from 0.85 to 0.89.




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