Hubungan Standar Pelayanan Antenatal Care Dan Kebijakan Program Pelayanan Antenatal Care Dengan Pengetahuan Antenatal Care Terintegrasi Di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Gogagoman Kota Kotamobagu

Tri Andhika J. Damopolii • Rina Kundre • Yolanda Bataha
Journal article Jurnal Keperawatan UNSRAT • 2015


: Knowledge is the result of "Knowing" and this happened after people perform sensing on a particular object. Knowledge or Cognitif is very important domain for the formation of people's actions. Antenatal Care is health care that provided to a mother during pregnancy based on Antenatal Care service standards. Antenatal care program policies are visiting Antenatal Care Program at least four times during pregnancy, one time in the first quarter, one in the second quarter and twice in the third quarter. Objective: The purpose is analyzing the Factors which are associated with Antenatal Care Knowledge that integrated in working area of Public Health Center at Gogagoman Kotamobagu. Research design: analytic description with cross sectional approach and the sampling technique by totaling the sampling amount to 30 samples. Results: are using Pearson Chi Square test with significance level  = 0.05 or 95% earned value P = 0.003. Conclusion: there is a relationship between knowledge of antenatal care and service programs Policy. Suggestion: knowledge of good examination of pregnant women and the quality can mepengaruhi success rate




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