Seroprevalensi Dan Ancaman Brucella Abortus Pada Pekerja Peternakan Sapi Perah Kecamatan Cilawu, Garut

Risqa Novita • Miko Hananto • Masri Maha Sembiring • Susan Muhammad Noor • Kambang S. 2 more

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Backgroud: Brucellsos is a neglected zoonoses diseases. Brucellosis is occupational hazard with a high prevalence in developing countries. Transmission to human can occur through contact with infected animals, inhalation or eat raw materials from animals. Brucellosis also caused abortus on human. Objective: To determined the seroprevalence of human brucellosis and abortus case associated with human brucellosis among dairy farm worker in Cilawu-Garut Methods: The calculation sample size was using proportion test;, 57 respondents man and woman based on inclusion criterias. Respondents received the questionnaire to screen the abortion case history during the last 5 years. We tested their serum samples using Rose Bengal Test (RBT). Result: We found that 7.02% abortion record. There were 57 sera collected and 7.02% showed RBT positive result. Respondent who have abortion record have their negative RBT results. Conclusions: There were Brucella antibody among the respondents in Cilawu. The seroprevalence were negative result to abortus cases, so its need further test to detect the abortion to be caused by Brucella sp




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