Pengembangan Lembar Kerja Siswa Berbasis Inkuiri Untuk Kelas VIII SMP Negeri 5 Rambah Samo Pada Materi Gerak Pada Tumbuhan

Lestari, Linda • Lubis, Riki Riharji • Lestari, Rena
Journal article None • 2017


This research aims to know elegibility such an inquiry based on the material worksheets motion for class VIII junior high school plants. This research type is Research and Development (R & D). The study population was class VIII junior high school country 5 Rambah Samo. Samples in this study amounted to 20 students. Data collection techniques be used by using questionnaires. As for the acquisition of the entire validation categorized as "Very Decent". Acquisition percentage by experts of 82.08% categorized as very decent, the acquisition of the percentage of student response that is equal to 89.50% of the category "Very Decent", while the response of educators IPA percentage of 92.50% of the category "Very Decent". So the results of this study indicate inquiry-based LKS is very fit for use by students of class VIII SMP.