Analisis Spasial Penyerapan Tenaga Kerja Industri Manufaktur Besar dan Sedang di Pulau Jawa

Zainal Arifin
Journal article Jurnal Humanity • March 2012

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


ANALISIS SPASIAL PENYERAPAN TENAGA KERJA industri Manufaktur Besar dan Sedang di Pulau JawaZainal ArifinStaf Pengajar, Fakultas Ekonomi-UMMEmail : azainala@yahoo.comABSTRACTThis study aims to identify the spatial concentration, a large manufacturing industry and is being viewed from the employment at the district / city in Java. The data used are secondary data obtained from the BPS with the observation period 2002-2007. The analysis tools include; Spatial Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, and multiple linear regression.This study found that a large manufacturing industry and is being viewed from the employment at the district / city on the island of Java was not evenly distributed among regions. In some counties / cities having high industrial density, while others experienced a low density. Determinants of manufacturing industry of employment seen in the study include: the cost of labor (wages), export orientation (exports), the amount of output (output), economies of scale (SE), and import content (kimport). In the multiple linear regression analysis of explanatory variables can explain the dependent variable manufacturing employment.Industry concentrated in several counties and certain cities, while others were in part has low density, in turn will further increase the gap between regions. This condition will continue to run, when the regional command center as well as policy makers did not anticipate the problem immediatelyTitle: Spatial concentration, the manufacturing industry




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