Persepsi Mahasiswa PGSD terhadap Program Unggulan untuk Menjadi Lulusan yang Mampu Mengelola Pembelajaran di Sekolah Inklusi

Ichsan Anshory
Journal article Jurnal Humanity • September 2012 Indonesia

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Persepsi Mahasiswa PGSD Terhadap Program Unggulan Untuk Menjadi Lulusan Yang MampuMengelola Pembelajaran di Sekolah InklusiIchsan Anshory Staf Pengajar Jurusan Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar, Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan, Universitas Muhammadiyah MalangEmail: with special needs (ABK) was originally better known as disabled children, children with disabilities or exceptional children. Exceptional children are defined as children who deviate significantly from the normal criteria, either from physical, psychological, emotional and social development so that it is necessary to develop the potential of special education services. In Indonesia so far, educational for the crew is provided in three different educational institutions, the School of disability (SLB), Outstanding Primary Schools (SDLB), and Integrated Education. SLB, but the latest development the government rolled out a new program that is inclusive education. Through inclusive education, special needs children are educated together normal children in regular schoolsABK include inclusive education for learning, together with normal children in public schools and become part of the school community, together in one classroom with regular school students to create a conducive learning atmosphere. With this education program is expected to be able to open the way to the talent and potential of every individual, and optimal personal development of learners. Conditions in the field, teachers in regular schools are not trained specifically to deal with students with special needs. During this inclusive schools get teacher assistance from SLB-SLB around. Fore inclusive education program requires changes in teacher education in both the pre-job education and training when it's served. Training initiatives are needed to prove that an inclusive and responsive education does not depend on the level of material resources is higher.That's what this study aims to determine the “Student Perceptions of the Program PGSD Leading to Being Able to Manage Learning Graduates of the School Inclusion”. These objectives are intended to answer some research issues: (1) What is the perception, knowledge and attitudes about inclusive education PGSD Students and handling ABK? (2) Do students have terbekali PGSD with subjects that are presented in the curriculum in PGSD? (3) what constraints experienced by students as well as the efforts made in preparing the pre-eminent department PGSD based inclusions (5) what the actual competencies required to manage the MHS PGSD learning in inclusive schools.Keyword : Perception of Students, School Inclusion




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