Analisis Pendekatan Teks dan Konteks dalam Penentuan Pembagian Waris Islam

Khaeron Sirin
Journal article Ahkam Journal of Sharia • July 2013


: Analysis of a Text and Context Approach within the Formulation of Islamic Inheritance Distributions. For about fourteen centuries Islamic inheritance law has always been regarded as a qat‘î doctrine which covers for ijtihad and should be taken for granted. However, changes and developments over time, the existence of Islamic inheritance in the Quran have started to be claimed. To some liberalists and feminist activists, the law on Islamic inheritance is a product of salaf scholars to be regarded as rules that tend to be discriminative—just like the discrediting and prejudicing the rights of women—and not oriented towards human justice. Therefore, the provisions of Islamic inheritance need to be reviewed, even deconstructed by considering the social development of society.




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