Hermeneutika Muhammad Shahrūr dan Implikasinya terhadap Istinbāṭ Al-Aḥkām dalam Persoalan Wanita

Muhammad Syahrial, Faisar Ananda Arfa &
Journal article Ahkam Journal of Sharia • January 2013


: Muhammad Shahrūr's Hermeneutics and Its Implication to istinbāṭ al-Aḥkām Regarding Women Issues. Muhammad Shahrūr applied hermeneutic method to interprete the Quran. By doing so, he introduces his theory on Islamic law which is called limit (ḥudūd) theory. His new way of “re-reading” the Quranic text especially in legal matters bring about some fresh interpretation that in such a way differ from the old interpretation. Through the application of the theory of limits, Shahrūr addresses some issue in modern Islam related to women such as polygamy, the portion of women and men Islamic law of inheritance, and women ‘awrāt or dress. The article is an attempt to explore Shahrūr hermeneutic in interpreting the Quranic verses related to women issues in modern Islam.




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