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Thohari, Fuad
Journal article Ahkam Journal of Sharia • January 2013 Indonesia


: Describing the Specific Terms in the Three Shāfi‘iyyah Jurisprudence Books. There are at least three kategories of Shāfi‘iyyah books that are widely used, especially in pesantren as well as Islamic Universities, namely: the book of Muḥarrar written by Imām Rāfi‘ī (d. 623 AD H./1226), Taqrīb book (Mukhtaṣar) by Abū Shujā' (d. 593 AH), and Qurrah al-‘Aynī, written by Zayn al-Dīn al-Malībarī (d. 987 AD H./1579). In Shafiite jurisprudence, it is found many specific terms that related to self-author initials, fatwā maker (muftī), writer, or commentator, either in the form of name, title, life history (biography). Knowing those specific terms, will provide a significant contribution in understanding any statement expressed by the author. Thus, will erase misinterpretation of the reader and the reviewer.




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