Problematika Hukum Keluarga: antara Fenomena dan Paradigma Kitab Klasik

Jaenal Aripin
Journal article Ahkam Journal of Sharia • July 2012


: Problems with Family Law: The Phenomena and the Paradigm of Classical Texts. There are many factors that can trigger the emergence of family problems. One factor that is especially influential is diminished adherence to religious values, in which husbands, wives and children forgo using these values as the foundations upon which to live. If that is the cause of family problems, returning to religious values can provide one way of solving them. But these values aren't problem-free either, given that religious texts, especially classical religious texts, seem misogynistic and too discriminatory towards women, limiting their roles only to inside domestic matters. Because of these problems, this article argues that creating a harmonious life between husband and wife must be guided by principles promoting equal rights and valuing each spouse's role equally.




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