Verifikasi Identitas Biologis Menjelang Perkawinan dalam Perspektif Fikih

Alimin Mesra
Journal article Ahkam Journal of Sharia • July 2012


: Biological identity verification before marriage from a fiqh standpoint. This article treats falsifying biological identity for marriage as an important phenomenon that should be responded to academically. By way of analyzing discourse concerning this subject, this article reveals that weaknesses in how civil law and citizenry are administrated, if not fixed, will give rise to more such cases of it. On the other hand, the theory that love is the biggest motivation for falsifying biological identity is taken into account to clarify why this violation occurs. The conclusion reached in this article is to accommodate for the capacity to verify biological identity—when deemed necessary—before marriage. The author reinforces this idea by drawing upon several hadiths, applying al-maqâshid al-syâri‘ah theory, as well as calling to expand classical fiqh to the context of solving this contemporary problem.




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