Implementasi Al-Wa‘d dalam Bisnis Syariah

Hasanudin, Jaih Mubarok &
Journal article Ahkam Journal of Sharia • July 2012


: The Implementation of al-Wa'd in Syariah Business. Scholars are in disagreement with one another when it comes to their views on what Islamic law says about the legal requirements of meeting one's obligations and how or whether protracting that obligation should be punished. Hanan bint Muhammad Husen Jistaniyah, says that iltizâm is the term for obligations that are statements involving will; luzûm is the term for obligations that come from syariah ruling. Wa'd, which forms part of a combination of mu‘âwadhât (tijârî) contracts, can be mulzimised in two ways. First, sides agree that contractual document must express explicitly that wa'd is binding, insofar as that obligation (ittifâqiyya) is fulfilled by both sides when, or on the condition that, it is able to be fulfilled. Second, the regulatory side makes and activates legislature saying that wa'd, which can be found in the combination of mu‘âwadhât (tijârî) contracts, is binding, so both sides are obliged to fulfill qânûniyya, when, or on the condition that, it is able to be fulfilled.




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